About Us

Incantrade Inc was founded by our President – Ahmed Arif Ghouse in the year 2011 and is registered in the province of Alberta’s capital city Edmonton – Canada.

Having served the construction industry for over 2 decades in the United Arab Emirates as provider of services to Electro Mechanical & HVAC projects throughout the United Arab Emirates and Oman, we have had the opportunity to work under such eminent consultants as Bechtel Inc.-USA, WS Atkins & Partners-UK, Schuster Pechtold & Partners-Dubai, Sir Alexander Gibbs and Partners-UK, Halcrow International –UK etc. to name a few.

In 1988 our president established a trading organisation in the United Arab Emirates dealing in variety of Industrial Products, Foodstuff, Salvage Products, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap, Building Industry products involving Marble & Granite etc. scouring products from all around the world and importing and distributing them in the Gulf Region or exporting them to clients around different parts of the world. The range of products handled included food products like rice, pickles, sugar, wheat etc. to industrial hardware like pipes, fasteners, galvanized iron steel sheets and coils, air conditioning units, copper tubing and pipes, insulations etc. to recyclable products like HMS 1 & 2 scrap, copper scrap etc. to salvaged products like jet fuel, sugar, electronic products etc.

After leaving the United Arab Emirates for Canada, Mr. Ahmed worked for General Electric – a Fortune 500 company, as Senior Customer Service Associate. After 5 years of service with GE Money and having acclimatised himself with the North American market, Mr. Ahmed decided to start his own company to market his expertise gained over 30+ years in the field of International Trade.

We strive to promote industries that, like us, believe in quality and are creative in their efforts while at the same time are competent and committed to delivering their products in this challenging but exciting arena of International Trade.

A widely travelled man with hands on experience, Mr. Ahmed Arif Ghouse is passionate about and committed to providing first class services to all our discerning clients and customers.

Our Motto “We Thrive on Creativity, Quality & Competence….Period”.

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