Welcome to Incantrade Inc

Welcome to the website of one of the leading providers of services to all our clients and industries at large connecting them to each other for their mutual benefits and enhancing their volume of sales whereby ensuring greater profit margins at a reduced cost.

We have a large database of growing clientele built over 30+ years of invaluable association with them through services provided in their area of expertise. These clients have continued to prosper over the years building on strong foundation based on trust, quality, efficiency and above all commitment to deliver no matter what the situation demands or entails.

We think outside the box and are unique in the fact that we offer a wide range of product best suited for building & construction, oil & natural gas, ferrous &non-ferrous scrap recycling, food & hospitality management, industrial & medical laboratory sciences etc. to name a few.

“We thrive on Creativity, Quality & Competence….Period”.

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